Go for Java Developers
Latest update: November 29, 2022
Welcome to Go for Java Developers. Before you ask yourself what you are looking at, let me just start by saying that this isn’t a book of some sort. At least, not yet. It’s more like a scrapbook of ideas and thoughts I’ve collected over time.
⚠️ A word of caution.
Everything in here is biased and opinionated. I am trying to be as helpful as I can, but at the end of the day, what has worked for me might be the exact opposite of what works for you. Always take what you see here with a grain of salt and ultimately, use your own judgment.

Who am I? #

A long-time Java developer who got thrown into the wonderful world of Go, had to pull his hair and spent a lot of time battling the language, until the secret of Go’s simplicity started crystallising to him. The same dude also wrote a fun little book on using Go to make algorithmic art.

Why am I doing this? #

First and foremost, it is to scratch my own writing itch. Second, I would like to write to the next Java developer who gets thrown into the world of Go and starts writing Go code like it were a Spring app.

Is this a language guide? #

No. There is more than enough introductory material out there on both Go and Java. The goal here is to step upon the basics of the language and re-shape one’s original perception into a different mental model.

TODO: Add links to the official language guides.

Will this guide ever get finished? #

Probably not. Although, I am exercising the idea of turning this into a small book sorts. We’ll see.