Learning and Education
Latest update: May 25, 2023

Here is a short list of learning an education materials for people with various levels of programming experience.

Online Courses #

Go on Exercism
Get fluent in Go by solving 140 exercises. And then level up with mentoring from our world-class team.
Hands-On Introduction: Go Online Class | LinkedIn Learning
Discover the power and applicability of the Go programming language in this practical, in-depth introduction.
Courses - Calhoun.io
A summary of all of the Go programming courses created by Jon Calhoun. This includes both free and premium courses.
Coding exercises for budding gophers. Gophercises is a FREE course that will help you become more familiar with Go while developing your skills as a programmer. In the course we will build roughly 20 different mini-applications, packages, and tools that are each designed to teach you something different. By completing the exercises in Gophercises you will slowly become more confident using the Go programming language. You will start to learn how to read the standard docs and make sense of them. You will even start to learn how to evaluate the difficulty of a project before doing much coding. In short, you will start to become a great Go developer.
Master Go
New Master Go Including Concurrency Deep Dive. Master Go is your first-class ticket into the world of Go. Concise, intuitive videos. No hour-long elaborations. No dry text books. Learning Go can be easy and fun! Master Go consists of a main learning path where you get up to speed with all the fundamentals, and a second learning path that digs into concurrency with Go: goroutines, channels, and more.
Build Cloud Apps in Go
Online Go course with everything you need to build reliable and fast cloud-native web apps. Build Cloud Apps in Go is a course where you learn to build reliable and fast cloud-native web apps. We will start from nothing and work our way to have everything you need for a modern cloud app. The course was last updated in November 2022. Fully ready for Go 1.20!
Build a SaaS app with Go eBook
Need a fast and scalable web API, Go is great. Learn how to build an API-first web app in Go from scratch to taking online payments. Together we'll ensure you acquire all the knowledge you'll need to go on your own and build a web backend application with Go. We'll dive deep into the building blocks of a typical web app using only Go's standard library.
The most comprehensive Golang course for people willing to be become a full-time Golang develope
Learn Golang from scratch and take your programming skills to the next level with my comprehensive course. You'll master the basics and build real-life projects, including a complete JSON API for a hotel reservation backend and a microservice project with Docker, Prometheus, and Grafana. These skills will help you succ